We like looking for nifty solutions to make sure you're getting the most from life. Whether you're rolling up your sleeves with a DIY project, getting grubby in the garden or looking for ingenious ideas for your home or whilst on the go. We have a product to sort, simplify and inspire.


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Velcro Products

 - Adhesive Backed
   - Stick On
   - Super Slim
   - Heavy Duty Stick On
- Ties & Straps
   - One-Wrap® Reusable Ties
   - One-Wrap® Reuseable Tie Rolls
   - One-Wrap® Multi-Colour Reuseable Ties
   - Adjustable Straps
   - Adjustable Wide Strap
   - Adjustable Carry Strap
   - Adjustable Stretch Straps
- Garden
  - Plant Ties
  - Garden Ties
  - Garden Ties
- For Fabrics
  - Sew On
  - Anti-Snag Sew On Tape
  - Sew & Stick